Meeting and event services

Quiet and functional working facilities at your disposal

The beauty of nature gives a relaxing and inspired atmosphere meetings and enterprise events and their participants. You can organize planning or brain storming sessions, lectures or groupings, effective meeting days or week-ends at us in Vuokatinranta. We offer you quiet and functional working facilities at your disposal. The multiple possibilities of relaxing and outdoor activities give you a great variation to choose from.

You can concentrate on your business and people – we take care of the facilities and meals for you. Should you want help, we are more than happy to help you with ideas in the surroundings in Vuokatti.

The fairly new hotel building has a large meeting room suitable for meetings, lectures, exhibitions and plenty of other activities. With only chairs the capacity is 60 persons and with tables 30 persons. In the same building there are also 2 smaller rooms for group work. Video projector, flap over board and sound system available.

In the main restaurant building we have an open and bright space which can be divided with a folding door into two, each seating ca. 50 persons with chairs and 30 persons with tables. There are a piano and sound system also available in the other half of the room.

The Sauna building includes also a comfortable fire place room with nice sofas and is suitable for more informal meetings and get-togethers. Place for ca. 20-25 persons.

The detached house in the area has a cosy kitchen, where up to 8 persons can gather together to work or eat.

Accommodation consists or three different possibilities: hotelholiday apartments or cottages.

You’ll find some examples of a basic meeting day or two day’s meeting here (linkki sinne ja takaisin!) We are happy to help you in organizing a great event meeting up with your needs and expectations.